Top 5 Household Plumbing Emergencies and How to Avoid Them – Perth Emergency Plumber

Top 5 Household Plumbing Emergencies and How to Avoid Them – Perth Emergency Plumber

October 25, 2021

Plumbing fades into the background of our lives until you have a plumbing emergency! As your home gets older, it makes sense that there will be some plumbing problems. Most plumbing problems are not an emergency, but for the ones that are, you need to call a plumber immediately!

The top 5 plumbing emergencies are:

  1. Blocked toilets and drains
  2. Leaky taps or burst pipes
  3. No hot water
  4. Low water pressure
  5. Gas leaks

# 1 of 5 Top Plumbing Emergencies – Blocked toilets and drains

Blocked drains are noticeable when you see water back up in the sink or shower. For toilet blockages, the water backs up in the bowl and sometimes overflows. You’ll need to clear the blockage to restore the drain or toilet to normal functioning.

Start with a plunger to remove the blockage. Put the plunger’s open end sealing the drain and move up and down, creating suction which this should clear the blockage if it is a minor blockage. If this doesn’t clear the blockage then it is likely a more serious blockage like tree roots.

Call a Plumber: If you can’t remove the blockage yourself, or you get repeated clogs in the same drain, call the experts at Ember. We’ll fix the problem, preventing future blockages without damaging your pipes.

#2 Top Plumbing Emergency – Leaky taps and burst pipes

Leaking taps have water physically dripping out of the spout even when the tap is completely off. Also, you can probably hear the drips! Leaking pipes cause major damage to floors and walls, and home contents if you don’t fix the problem quickly. Slowly leaking pipes make a puddle, or you can hear the dripping.

With taps, you can replace the washer to solve the problem. Leaking pipes are sometimes a simple fix but often a very complex issue. Letting the professionals at Ember handle the job avoids a big mess.

Call a Plumber: If you don’t have the experience, call a plumber to replace the taps washer. For leaking pipes, calling a professional is usually the best idea.

#3 Top Plumbing Emergency – Hot Water System Problems

When you are in a nice warm shower, then get doused with freezing cold water, chances are you have a faulty water heater. Dripping, puddles, discoloured water, and strange noises coming from your water heater are other signs of problems. Most water heater issues and repairs require a plumber because of the complexity and danger.

First, check your pilot light if you have a gas water heater. If the light is off, the water heater won’t heat the water. Then, check that the temperature setting wasn’t turned down.

Call a Plumber: A simple fix like relighting the pilot light or adjusting the thermostat you can do yourself. Otherwise, call the experts at Ember when you have water heater problems. Water heaters are dangerous. Also, if water pools on the floor the tank has likely split and will require replacement. Check out our Perth hot water systems here

#4 Top Plumbing Emergency – Low water pressure

Low water pressure comes on suddenly or can slowly get worse. Low water pressure makes it challenging to wash, rinse, and shower.

To check for a water leak, shut off all of the taps, then check your water meter. Wait several hours without using water. If the water meter continues to change, you probably have a leak.

If the pressure lowers slowly, you could have a mineral and sediment build-up in the pipes, aerators, or showerheads.

Call a Plumber: Call the experts at Ember immediately if your water pressure drops suddenly. If your water pressure has dropped slowly, you could have build-up or corrosion. We can replace or repair the issues and potentially recommend a water filtration system to avoid future problems.

#5 of the 5 Top Plumbing Emergencies – Running toilets

Homeowners fear toilet plumbing emergencies more than any other! Running toilets are annoying and waste water. A continually running toilet suggests the internal parts may require replacing. A test for leaks can be done with some food colouring. All that needs to be done is put the food colouring in the cistern. Then, after 20 minutes, look in the bowl and if the colour is in the bowl, the toilet leaks and will require a service.

Call a Plumber: A plumber can replace components in the toilet tank to get the running to stop.

So, if you have any of these 5 plumbing emergencies in Perth, call Ember Plumbing today!

We provide prompt, reliable service for all your plumbing needs.

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