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Commercial and Residential Water Leak Detection Professionals in Perth

At Ember Plumbing and Gas, we understand the severity of the impact a water leak in your home or place of business. It can affect your quality of living, it can disrupt your everyday activities, cause large amounts of water loss and if left unresolved, it can easily lead to more damage to your property and spiralling costs to rectify the wider issues that could be caused. We not only run a leak test, we find your water leak for an affordable cost we also repair and submit a leak allowance so your not out of pocket any more then you should be.

Why trust us to find your Water Leak?

  • Emergency water leak detection repair services
  • Leak allowances submitted on completion of repairs no questions asked
  • Professional and experienced team
  • Modern leak detection equipment and practices including inferred camera and ultrasonic instrumentsmeaning the leak is found quicker
  • Affordable leak detection repairs
  • Specialist Ultrasonic leak detection
  • Servicing across Perth
  • Water Corporation Approved

Ultrasonic Water Leak Detection

One of the quickest ways to locate a burst water pipe in an unknown location is using ultrasonic leak detection equipment. Ultrasonic leak detection equipment is a listening device which surveys the ground/walls looking for abnormal activity. Water escaping from the pipe creates a distinct hissing noise from the water rushing through a hole/split/crack in the pipe, the noise echoes through the ground or walls and can be picked up using hydro sonic leak detection.

Water Leak Detection by Infrared Camera

An infrared camera (also known as a thermal imaging camera) is a must have when locating burst pipes on the hot water supply. This equipment works on detecting infrared energy (heat) and converts the energy into a visual picture. When locating burst pipes on the hot water supply it can be as simple as using our infrared camera and point it at the wall to find a large section of heat, this also saves a lot of guess work saving our customers time and money.

When your booking your next plumber for a burst pipe or water leak, be sure to ask what leak detection equipment they have and wil be using to located the leak. It may just save you some money!

Our Water Leak Detection Services

Not all water leaks are obvious at first, and at Ember, we understand the importance of finding and fixing and potential water leaks quickly and effectively.

  • Have you received a high water bill?
  • Are you losing pressure in your hot or cold water supply?
  • Can you see a visible damp patch in your property?
  • Can you see bubbling or dampness in the walls?
  • Can you see your water meter spinning continuously?
  • Can you hear water running with all taps turned off?

Any of these issues can be a tell-tale sign of a water leak in your property and it might be time to call Ember Plumbing Perth. For any residential or commercial water leak issues it is best to call a plumbing company that carry’s ultrasonic leak detection equipment which at Ember we carry the latest in leak detection equipment for all Perth homes and businesses.

A small leak covering a space of just half a millimetre can leak up to 20 litres per hour depending on the pressure of the Perth home or business and the source of the leak needs to be fixed fast!

At Ember Plumbing and Gas we will minimize any disruption to your home or business while we work quickly to locate and repair the cause of the problem. We use specialist tools and techniques to effectively trace the leak; we will then expose the pipe and get to work on fixing the issue for you. On completion of works we automatically submit a leak allowance for any water loss so the home owner is compensated for any water lossed.

If you need help finding and fixing a water leak, call a plumber! You can depend on the team at Ember to help you resolve the issue quickly at an affordable price.

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All emergencies during work hours will always be attended to the same day all over Perth as we have the capacity to do so. We are always available and accessible 24/7.

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Ember Plumbing & Gas are proud to be part of the WA Master Plumber Association meaning we’re a fully licensed company, registered plumbers and are insured.

Ember plumbers checking for water leaks

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We do not charge travel or have a call out fee.

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We are the most competitively priced plumbers & gas fitters in Perth, ensuring you are paying a fair price and never question an invoice.

Frequently asked questions.

Ember Plumbing and Gas services all areas throughout the Perth Metropolitan area.

Yes Ember Plumbing and Gas is fully insured including public liability and workers compensation.

Ember Plumbing and Gas is proud to provide our customers with industry low pricing, we have no call out fee and charge an hourly rate of $165 inc GST. We do charge a minimum of 1 hour per site visit, and charge per 15 minute increments after the first hour.

Ember Plumbing and Gas does not charge a call out fee or travel fees

Ember Plumbing are in partnership with Zip Payments who offer a 6 or 12 month interest free payment plan. More information can be found here

We provide a lifetime workmanship warranty! Meaning if the job was has failed due to a workmanship issue, before the product fails, we’ll fix it free!