Whole of House Water Filtration Systems

Trust the professionals at Ember to bring you clean, safe, delicious, soft, chlorine-free water flowing from every tap! Check out our Water Filtration Systems in Perth!

Enjoy the best tasting and healthiest water from every tap anytime. Experience the luxury of showering and bathing in soft, chlorine-free water for yourself.

Ember Plumbing supplies, installs and maintains water filtration systems in Perth. Protect your family and your home by removing contaminants from the water. We see firsthand the damage unfiltered water can do to plumbing! A water filtration system can not only be beneficial for your health, it can extend the life of your taps, toilets, hot water system and even your kettle!

Safe, Economical, and Reliable – Water Filtration Perth

If you are buying bottled water now, you’ll be surprised by how economical it is to filter every drop of water in your house!

After installation, most homeowners find maintaining a whole house water filtration system in Perth is about the same cost as just a standard fridge filter.

Remove dirt, sediment, and chemicals from every drop of water throughout your home. With Water Filtration in Perth, you can drink, bathe, shower and even wash your clothes with safe water that is better for your health, plumbing, appliances and clothing.

Improved Health & Well-Being with Water Filtration in Perth

The initial reason most homeowners decide on a water filtration system in Perth is for their family’s well-being. Installing a water filtration system does help improve your family’s health and well-being. Also, you have the peace of mind knowing you are saving money over buying bottled water and adding value to your property. And of course, you are also saving our environment as you reduce the number of plastic bottles in the landfill.

Chlorine added to municipal water supplies uses well-controlled settings, but highly concentrated sections happen. Besides, some people react to chlorine levels considered safe with dry skin, for example. A reliable home water filtration system decreases your family’s chlorine exposure as they drink, wash, and even breathe. Chlorine disperses in sinks and especially in showers and baths. Many families report that skin clears up, hair feels softer, and allergies even clear up some in the household.

Some families prefer to limit their exposure to fluoride in the water. Only a complete water filtration system can thoroughly protect you from fluoride exposure.

Our Water Filtration Systems

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Frequently asked questions.

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Ember Plumbing and Gas is proud to provide our customers with industry low pricing, we have no call out fee and charge an hourly rate of $165 inc GST. We do charge a minimum of 1 hour per site visit, and charge per 15 minute increments after the first hour.

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