Grease Trap Servicing and Installations in Perth

The experts at Ember are trained and certified technicians excited to provide whatever grease trap services you need. All commercial business that serve hot food must have a grease trap to comply with legal requirements. Whether underground or not, these traps need proper installation and constant maintenance.

What Are Grease Traps?

A grease trap is a system that is designed to keep oily substances out of wastewater and drainage systems. Unfortunately, when grease gets into the water, then it can contaminate filtration systems, damage pipes and pumps, and contribute to blockages.

Because these are all costly and dangerous problems, grease traps are a helpful tool. Some grease traps are above-ground tank systems and others are built-in underground systems.

No matter what kind of grease trap you have, Ember Plumbing Perth is here to help.

Grease Trap Installation

We provide installation services for all kinds of grease trap systems. If you are looking to replace an old trap at your commercial property, then look no further. Some of the types of installation services we provide include:

  • Large Commercial Kitchen Grease Traps
  • Small Residential Sink Mounted Grease Traps
  • Underground Grease Trap Systems

Grease Trap Repair and Maintenance

Grease traps are constantly dealing with gross sludge to keep your wastewater clean. Because it filters out the fats and oils that contaminate and block plumbing systems, they need to be maintained.

Grease needs emptying, filters need replacing, and the pipes need cleaning. If you don’t know how to maintain your grease trap or just don’t want to, here are some services we can provide:

  • Emptying and Grease Trap Pumping Services
  • Replacing Filters
  • Repairing Worn Systems
  • Clearing Blockages

Grease traps are required for businesses and highly recommended for residential properties. These traps keep oils and fats out of wastewater, and they keep your pipes clean and flowing smoothly.

Because grease traps always deal with sticky substances, they need to be regularly maintained to avoid bad smells and disruptions to your home or business. So, if you need a new grease trap or some work to your existing system, then call the certified and warrantied professionals at Ember Plumbing.



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