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Was your alarm not the coldest part of your morning? No hot water? Need a hot water system replaced or repaired in Perth? Hot water systems are crucial for our day to day lives so put a stop to that now! Call Ember today to speak with our hot water specialists to point you in the right direction to warm your mornings up again.

Ember Plumbing and Gas is Perth’s local go-to hot water specialists – whether it’s time for your scheduled service, repairing a leaking valve, replacing or upgrading your existing hot water system – you can trust Ember to provide you with the lowest price with the highest quality service. We also pride ourselves on our highly-rated & honest Perth plumber services with over 100 5-star reviews and all our work comes with a full 6-year satisfaction guarantee.

Perth’s Guaranteed Lowest Hot Water Prices

Ember Plumbing & Gas guarantee the lowest price in Perth on all of our hot water systems! To keep things simple, all our prices include disposal of your existing unit as well as standard supply and installation of your new unit (some basic T&C’s apply, see bottom of page).

You can also read more below about which hot water system might suit you best, and view our most affordable and popular systems under each category. Or for free advice/recommendation on which hot water system might suit your household best, you can also contact us to speak to an expert Ember plumber today.


Very economical and cost-effective solutions from Bosch to Rinnai.


A quality selection of systems from DuxVulcan, Thermann and Rheem.


For when gas isn’t an option. From Rheem, Thermann, Dux, Wilson and Stiebel.


Great for energy savings and where gas isn’t available. Including Rheem and Bosch.

Which Hot Water System Is Right For Me?

If you are considering hiring a Perth Plumber to upgrade or replace your hot water system, you might be looking to find out what the different types of HWS are available to you, including the efficiency, ongoing energy consumption, and of course, the all-important question of cost. Below is everything you need to know about the three core types of hot water systems for your home to help you understand the best option for your individual circumstances.


Instant Gas (Continuous Flow) Hot Water Systems

This type of hot water system provides an unlimited amount of instant hot water from a very compact appliance. This is great for those who need to consider space, and who need a large amount of hot water to use in the home. This type of appliance will only be considered as ‘in-use’ when there is a demand placed for hot water in a home. This means that gas will only be used when hot water is switched on (hence the term “instant gas”), meaning it is a very economical option and great to cut gas bills.

If you need a reliable, ‘always-available’ source of hot water and are cost-conscious, this is an ideal Perth hot water system that is more cost-effective than any other electric hot water heating system. So, if you don’t want to be faced with a situation where your hot water runs out, this presents a robust and reliable solution.

• Ideal for large households
• Cost-effective
• Energy-efficient hot water system

Gas Storage Hot Water Systems

Gas storage hot water systems primarily use a dedicated gas burner that is placed below the storage tank, which then heats the water. The pilot flame will burn continuously which ignites the main burner when the stored water drops below the set temperature. The heat will also flow through from the tanks flue which heats the water further. Once the hot water is taken from the top, the colder water will then enter through the bottom. The majority of units will have a fully adjustable thermostat which will set the temperature of the water; once the temperature goes below the predetermined level, the pilot flame will ignite the burner to ensure the water is kept to the right temperature.

The tank sizes for gas storage hot water systems can vary greatly and typically range between 90-300 liters with the 135L and 170L being the more common storage hot water unit across Perth. Some of these systems are more energy-efficient than others because a specialist flue system is housed within some models and this helps to recirculate the hot flue gasses externally to the tank to expel heat into the water more efficiently. The Energy Rating website also gives a good outline of the differences between gas hot water systems.

• Different sizes of tank to suit different sizes of household
• Gas is more cost-effective than electric
• Ideal in larger houses holds or where there is a high hot water demand
• Low maintenance and reliable

Electric Storage Hot Water Systems

This type of HWS provides the least efficient option of all three types of home hot water systems. However, they are typically used where a gas source is not available or quite commonly in apartment blocks or in a building where flue requirements cannot be satisfied.

This type of Hot Water System can be installed internally or externally. In terms of their overall impact on the environment, an electric hot water system produces more greenhouse emissions than all of the other hot water systems for a home.

• Suitable for use where no gas supply is available
• Typically used in apartment blocks

Solar Hot Water Systems (Including Heat Pumps)

The Solar hot water system generally comes in two types being the typical roof solar hot water system to a new ground located hot water system which is called a heat pump.

The roof mounted solar hot water system generally consists of two solar panels and a storage tank. The solar panels are used as collectors to heat the water which is circulated to the tank and stored. This type of hot water system generally has a electric booster for when the sun isn’t heating the water enough.

The solar heat pump is typically found at ground level and connected to a power circuit which is very similar to a refrigerator in reverse. The heat pump extracts heat from the air which passes through a evaporator and condenser heating the water. The remaining cold air will then be extracted by a fan.

Other makes and models available on request!

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Repair / Service your existing hot water system

Did you know your hot water systems should be serviced every 2-3 Years? At Ember we come prepared to fix your hot water system with fully equipped vans to service all major water heaters.

Whether it’s a pilot light won’t stay alight, a valve that won’t stop dripping or your hot water is simply running out contact us for a trust worthy repair that will last. If a repair is not possible we can give you a free quote while considering your everyday needs, the size of your home and the number of people that will be using the hot water to find the most suited economical water heater for your property.

Pricing Terms & Conditions

*Fully installed price is for a straight change over, meaning the same size model as previously installed.

*Price is based on the assumption that the existing hot water system complies with all relevant gas and plumbing codes.

*Gas pressure must be sufficient to supply the hot water system.

*Non return, Line strainers, Cold expansion valves, Gas isolation, Tempering valves all charged at an extra cost.