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Blocked Drains

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At Ember Plumbing and Gas we know what it takes to hold a flush and we offer it to all of our customers. All properties at some stage will have a blockage whether it’s a blocked toilet, sink, basin, shower or main drain line. Ember plumbing and gas carry state of the art drain clearing equipment to ensure the drain isn’t just cleared but its repaired to prevent the issue reoccurring.

Drain machine

The most common cause of blockages is tree roots which enter from the joins/cracks in the pipe which can be fixed by using our drain machine which cuts through the roots clearing your drain. We do offer and recommend our customers a CCTV drain inspection after a blockage to see if there is a major issue and can be prevented from happening again.

High pressure water jet

Sometimes the drain machine just won’t cut it, in that case we use our high pressure water jet which blasts through tree roots, built up grease, hair and anything else that may stand in its way to drastically improve the condition of your drains. Hydro jetters can go down any drain size from your basin to the main sewer which make them very versatile and ideal for running through your clogged up kitchen drain and having it running as if it was new again.

CCTV drain inspection

If your drain is blocking up more than once a year it might be a good idea to have your drain inspected. Our high resolution CCTV drain camera can identify build ups of debris, tree roots or if the pipe wasn’t laid with enough grade to locate the exact spot of the problem saving you time and money.

Drain repairs

Often if a drain has a blockage it may have a section of damaged pipe or your drain was installed incorrect, after a drain inspection we can locate the exact problem, excavate the minimum amount and get your drain repair sorted with minimum fuss. Normally it is a hair line crack in your pipe or not enough glue on a join allowing tree roots to grow through and expand causing a blockage. Another common cause is an incorrect installation by the previous plumbing not laying the drain with enough fall also causing a blockage.

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