What causes my taps to leak? Perth Plumbing Repairs

What causes my taps to leak? Perth Plumbing Repairs

August 3, 2021

Taps can begin to leak due to a number of different things, the three most common issues are listed below.

The washer (jumper valve) has become worn or destroyed. This is the most common and well known cause for leaking taps. During each operation of the tap the rubber on the base of the jumper valve constraints against the valve seat, therefore the rubber becomes stiff/worn allowing water to slowly pass and the spout begins to leak. This will require a licensed plumber to complete a tap service. Call your local Perth Plumber here

Issue with the spindle o’ring: The spindle screw is utilised to hold the handle of a tap set. This spindle incorporates a small rubber o’ring appended to it, known as the O ring. This is a common place that water can pass and cause a leak. The O ring can deteriorate due to general wear and tear allowing the spindle to leaks around the handle. Supplanting the harmed O ring will fix it if this is the issue. This issue happens explicitly in cartridge spigots. This will require a tap service.

Worn fibro washer: The fibro washer seals the spindle to the breach in the wall. Over time the spindle fibro can break down causing water to leak around the spindle. Occasionally the leak is sealed behind the chrome tap flange allowing water to leak into the wall. We recommend having your tap’s serviced every 2-3 years to prevent potential disasters.

If you notice your taps have become difficult to turn on/off, this is an early sign you need to have your taps serviced. More often than not if you ignore the early signs the washer will completely split and create a plumbing emergency which could also flood your home. When taps are fixed not all plumbers replace all seals/o’rings, generally only the tap washer is replaced meaning a new problem will soon arise. Ember Plumbing & Gas only carry out full tap servicing meaning your taps will last the test of time.

Tap Servicing from $130 inc GST

*Only a plumber who holds a licence issued by the Plumbers Licensing Board can legally carry out water supply, sanitary and drainage plumbing work in Western Australia. More info here

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