Solutions for Tree Roots in Drains – Blocked Drains Perth

Solutions for Tree Roots in Drains – Blocked Drains Perth

December 16, 2020

Do you have constant issues with your property’s drain blocking or overflowing? Tree roots could be the problem. When a plumber unblocks a drain if the problem is caused by tree roots generally this will be known by the technician on the day which If your advised tree roots have been removed you should take immediate action to either treat or repair the drains.

Why do tree roots affect my drain so much?

Tree roots can affect your drainage system when your drains have been cracked or broken which is allowing tree roots to grow into the drain. The sewage water then acts as a fertilizer for the tree roots causing the roots to grow and expand until your toilet can no longer be flushed. A small crack can allow a minor tree root the size of a hair to penetrate through the wall of the drain which then triggers a chain reaction causing the tree roots to grow through the drains.

When a plumber attends to your Perth property to unblock your drains, if a drain machine is used with a tree root cutter is used the repair is only a temporary fix and the tree roots will continue to grow into the drain until your sewage overflows again.

What are my options if my drains are blocking because of tree roots?

To completely fix the problem a drain repair will be needed which involves a CCTV drain inspection which can pinpoint the exact cause of the blockage Once a CCTV drain inspection has been conducted and the cause of the problem Is found we can use a locator to pinpoint the exact location of the problem, even if it is buried 2 metres under a concrete slab. Once the problem has been located we can start repairs which will include excavating the ground, cutting out the damaged section of drain and reconnecting with new fittings. This is the recommended repair which will completely solve the issue and a warranty can be placed on the drains.

Another solution we offer which is not as affect however can be a cheaper option if funds aren’t available to do a dig up and repair. Tree root foaming which Is a drain treatment which kills tree roots from the inside of the pipe out. Ember plumbing can treat your drains from any opening with our proven root treatment which burns away tree roots from inside the drain with no need to dig up your garden.

If you’ve had problems in the past with blocked drains and the plumber has mentioned tree roots were in the drain, Call Ember Plumbing and Gas and we can provide a long term solution.

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