How To Choose A Perth Plumbing Company

How To Choose A Perth Plumbing Company

June 18, 2020

A quick search online for local Perth plumbing companies will bring up pages of results. With each claiming to offer the best prices, free callouts, free quotes, and more, knowing which truly is the best Perth plumbing company can be a challenge.

We’ve put together a few tips to help you make sure you get a great plumber when you need to search online for a local plumbing company in Perth.

Tip #1 – Certifications and Experience

Look on their website for verification of the credentials. You need to make sure that any work which is carried out is being undertaken by professionals with the skills and experience to be able to do the work needed to fix the issue quickly and effectively. All plumbing and gas fitting companies should have a visible licences numbers and should be easy to find, like ours PL9474 and GF016356. We also recommend using a company or business with a valid ABN.

Tip #2 – Warranties Matter

You want to ensure that any products and workmanship are covered under some form of warranty. At Ember, for instance, we provide our customers with a lifetime workmanship warranty, and each of the products we fit comes with their own manufacturers guarantee as well.

Tip #3 – Read Reviews

If you are trying to choose between a number of plumbing companies, don’t make the mistake of judging them solely on their prices. While the price does matter, you want to make sure you take a read of their online reviews. This can give you a true perspective of what their customers think and feel about the company. Although most people have testimonials on their site, use independent review sites as listed above.

Tip #4 – Zero Call Out Fee’s

Most companies will promote the fact they provide no call-out charges. This should always be the case, so make sure you are not going to be asked for any “call-out fees” “investigation fees” or “travel charges”

Tip #5 – Competitive & Transparent Pricing

It’s always a good idea to get a number of quotes from different companies if you have the luxury of time to do this! If a company claims to offer the ‘best prices,’ then hold them to it! Once you have an initial quote for the work, you can contact other local plumbing companies to ask them for a price for the job. You will be able to tell very quickly if you are getting a good deal or not.

If you do get a lower quote, then always ask for it via email or text this way you can check for yourself the cheaper quote is going to be carrying out the same amount of work, no corners will be cut, quality products will be used and the technician is fully licences and insured.

Some Perth plumbing companies will be very secretive about their pricing and will not expose their real hourly rate, this is generally a red flag and meaning it is a lot higher then other companies. We are confident on our rates being at an industry which we are happy to provide over the phone quotes to those who ask! We even list our hot water system prices online for everyone to see.

Tip #6 – Are they Easy to Deal With?

If you need an emergency plumbing service or you want to get things fixed fast, being able to get hold of your plumber in Perth when you need them is key. Look for companies that offer a 24/7 service as they will usually be easier to contact in case of an emergency at any time of day.

If you find a company difficult to deal with, for instance, whenever you try and speak with them on the phone, you get an answering machine then hear nothing for the best part of the day; this could be indicative of the fact that they aren’t easy to deal with.

Tip #7 – Avoid Large/Franchise Company’s

Across Perth a select few companies have quite the reputation for overcharging this will be due to extremely high overhead costs, which at the end of the day is going to burn a hole in your wallet. One of the key signs of a bigger company is if a receptionist answers the phone when you call, a website with 10+ vans on display, big franchise names, a number of business listing on Google.

Tip #8 – Master Plumber Association Certified (MPA)

The MPA is an independent non-for profit organisation who has code of conduct which requires all members to adhere to high standards in every aspect of plumbing and business practice negligents. The aim of the MPA is to assist and protect consumers against negligent plumbing company’s.

In Summary

Being professional, responsive, competitive, competent, and qualified is the minimum you should expect when you choose the best Perth plumbing service for your needs.

We know that these points come as standard when you deal with our team at Ember Plumbing Perth, so make sure you get the best service from the best team at the best price when you search for a plumber in Perth.

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