Reasons your water temperature is fluctuating and how to solve the issue! – Hot Water Systems Perth

Reasons your water temperature is fluctuating and how to solve the issue! – Hot Water Systems Perth

March 2, 2020

This is one of the more common questions we come across in the plumbing industry. Particularly with short stay apartments and rental property’s that have instant hot water systems installed and new tenant occupying the premises.

The answer to the question is more often than not a quick fix. Continuous/instant hot water systems require a minimum flow of water to engage the hot water system and ignite the burners.

Sometimes it can be that the hot tap is not completely turned on meaning the water flow is low. The operator then opens the cold water tap to reach the desired temperature which overpowers and restricts the hot water flow and the hot water system shuts down.

A guide to trouble free water temperature in your shower;

  1. Before using the shower, check your dishwasher or washing machine is turned off and not half way through a wash cycle.
  2. Completely open the hot tap in the shower.
  3. Wait until the hot water has reached the shower head.
  4. Slowly turn on the cold water until the desired temperature is set.

*For the best results, ensure nobody in the house uses the taps or toilet while you’re in the shower.

99% of the time the above steps will solve the problem in fluctuating water. If you’ve followed the steps above and find you water temperature is still fluctuating, it could be due to the following causes;

  1. The taps have ceased and cannot be opened completely which is limiting the water flow.
  2. A flow restrictor is installed in the shower head or outlet limiting the water flow.
  3. The hot water system is due to be serviced.

Hot water systems with water minimum flow rates which can cause water fluctuations;

  • Rinnai Hot Water Systems
  • Rheem Hot Water Systems
  • Bosch Hot Water Systems
  • Wilson Hot Water Systems
  • Stiebel Eltron Hot Water Systems
  • Thermann Hot Water Systems
  • Dux Hot Water Systems

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