Preparing Your Property’s Plumbing and Gas For Winter

Preparing Your Property’s Plumbing and Gas For Winter

May 14, 2021

Winter creeps up on us every year, sooner or later. When it comes to how to prepare your home for winter, plumbing and gas are critical to your Perth home and wellbeing. Here are some helpful tips to keep your home comfy and problem-free over the next few months.

Check your hot water system to prepare your home for winter!

Hot water systems are always important, but they split or stop working in the winter more frequently due to the cold weather. Make sure you get your hot water heater serviced to ensure it extends the life of the unit. Also, operate the relief valves yourself occasionally to make sure they work correctly. That way, the warranty remains valid, and it does mean replacing your hot water heater less often. If your looking for more info on hot water system servicing read here

If you run out of hot water or your water doesn’t get hot, it is time to consider booking in a service or replacing your hot water system. As the units get older, they are less efficient and end up burning more gas or using more electricity to heat the same amount of water to temperature. If you have noticed your gas or electricity bill going up, that could be why.

Don’t wait! Call Ember Plumbing. We can check your unit to make sure it is in working order or give you a free quote to upgrade your current hot water system.

Clean out your gutters to prepare your home for winter

It’s no fun, but it is essential to clean out your gutters and make sure all your downpipes and soak wells are clear and working correctly. Don’t wait for a heavy winter rainfall to discover that there is a problem! Water can overflow out of your gutters, back into your roof space and flood your ceiling. If you have any doubt your downpipes or soak wells aren’t going to keep up this winter, call the team at Ember Plumbing, we have tools to inspect the condition of your gutters, downpipes and soak wells.


Drains can be a problem any time of year. But in winter and then in spring, with a lot of rain around, the problems increase. Old pipework allows tree roots to enter the drains until they block up! If you notice water draining away more slowly than before or you hear a gurgling sound when water goes down drains, it could indicate a problem in the line. Clear your drains, and call Ember to provide permanent solutions to blocked drains.

Garden hoses

If you leave your garden hoses out and attached to your outside taps, they can be badly damaged during the winter. Put the hoses away to prevent freezing and cracking. You’re unlikely to need your garden hoses much during the winter months anyway. So, to prolong the life of your hoses, store them away in a dry area.

Getting an expert plumber to provide preventative winter maintenance to prepare your home for winter makes a big difference to your home’s comfort and reduces potential problems. Ember Plumbing has experienced Perth plumbers who go over many more items on a winter checklist, helping you have peace of mind when winter arrives.

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