Commercial Hot Water System Installed in Perth

Commercial Hot Water System Installed in Perth

Ember Plumbing and Gas was engaged by a youth housing organisation for a commercial building with constant hot water issues consisting of limited water flow from hot taps, water temperature fluctuation and complete hot water outages. After 12 months of maintenance and repairs to the existing outdated hot water system a replacement was inevitable. Ember Plumbing and Gas resized the hot water system to service the 98 guests staying at the complex and provided a quote which after seeking 3 quotes Ember Plumbing’s quote was approved. The job took 5 days to complete with the final connection happening in just under 4 hours meaning minimal disruption to the tenants hot water supply.

Ember Plumbing and Gas now complete an annual maintenance and service of the hot water systems.

If your looking to have your commercial hot water system maintained or replaced by a dependable Perth Plumber  the call the team at Ember Plumbing and Gas.

Extended Warranty
2 Years Extended Warranty on all Rheem & Vulcan Hot Water Systems

Ember Plumbing & Gas is happy to provide an extended warranty on all Rheem & Vulcan products installed from 1st August 2022 onwards.

Guaranteed Offer
FREE $55 removal and disposal voucher with every hot water system install

Ember Plumbing is proud to always offer FREE removal and display of your old Hot Water System with every new install. No Conditions or Terms.