Reliable Commercial Hot Water Systems in Perth

Most commercial locations in Perth rely on hot water every day.

  • Restaurants
  • Health care facilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Cleaning services
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Health clubs
  • Laundries
  • Kitchens
  • Hotels
  • And numerous other industrial applications

Each organisation works to optimise the hot water for energy efficiency and water conservation. So, here at Ember Plumbing in Perth, we supply and install commercial hot water systems. We partner with quality water heater product manufacturers, such as Rheem, to assure expert solutions.

Commercial Hot Water System Installation, Service & Repairs in Perth

In commercial settings, hot water systems focus on peak demand and usage patterns. Under sizing the storage system means not enough hot water, while oversizing means a waste of energy. Sized correctly, the system meets the needs of the company without employees waiting around for hot water.

Ember Plumbing experts install, service and repair commercial hot water systems in Perth. Call today for a consultation on your Commercial Hot Water System project.

Solar Commercial Hot Water Systems

Solar commercial hot water systems typically combine solar and conventional technologies. The conventional technologies assure the peak hot water demands are always met. In Perth, it is customary that design engineers thoroughly investigate feasibility options for solar water heating projects.

Gas and electrical boosting installations downstream support the solar storage tanks. Connected in series with solar storage, all the water moves through the boosters. Thermostats allow for maximum solar contributions within the booster system.

Government Rebates and Incentives – Solar Hot Water

The federal government offers rebates and incentives to encourage Australians to use solar hot water systems.

While it is tempting to oversize commercial hot water systems, especially for larger-scale applications, savings on hot water always helps. So, at Ember Plumbing, we focus on the hot water usage patterns to be sure peaks demands are met reliably, efficiently and effectively

Recent Hot Water Project Complete in Leederville, Perth

Ember Plumbing and Gas was engaged by a youth housing organisation for a commercial building with constant hot water issues. After 12 months of maintenance and repairs to the existing outdated hot water system a replacement was inevitable. Ember Plumbing and Gas resized the hot water system to service the 98 guests staying at the complex. The job took 5 days to complete with the final connection happening in just under 4 hours meaning minimal disruption to the tenants hot water supply.

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