Why Does My Hot Water Run Out So Quickly? – Hot Water Tips Perth

Why Does My Hot Water Run Out So Quickly? – Hot Water Tips Perth

November 24, 2020

Right in the middle of a nice hot shower, it happens! Only one person showered before you, and you have only been under the water a few minutes. Then, running a steamy relaxing tub, and suddenly, it happens again! The dishes coming out of the dishwasher seem not as clean as before, and your laundry whites might be suffering, too. What could be happening to make your hot water run out so quickly?

Generally, with a typical 135L hot water system the water will run out within 20 minutes of using the hot water which is simple as 2 shower or filling one average sized bath tub.

If you run out of hot water regularly in the middle of showers, then the hot water is not working properly for your purposes. So, if you prefer long, hot showers or live in a household with several people you need more hot water or a instant gas hot water system.

Why Your Hot Water Runs Out So Quickly

As a Perth plumber, we see several common reasons why hot water runs too quickly. Here is what we see, and some advice about how to solve the problems.

Undersized Hot Water System

Hot water systems come in different sizes for various sized households. Larger families need a system that produces more hot water. When you add to your household size, your system may just be undersized.

So, check the size of your water system to determine if it is adequate for your household’s needs.

Old Hot Water System

A hot water system typically lasts between 8 and 12 years. So, once your system is ten years old, then it is time to think about replacements. NOTE: Especially true if anything leaks or needs repairs.

Thermostat Problems

Find the thermostat and try to reset it or raise the temperature. The temperature should be set at about 50C – 60C.

For Gas and Electric Storage Hot Water Systems – Sediment Buildup and Broken Dip Tubes

If the change to running out of hot water was gradual, then you may have sediment build-up issues. The natural sediments and minerals in the water settle to the bottom of the tank. This decrease in capacity means less hot water. Flush out your water heater system. Drain your tank and rinse with fresh water.

The dip tube pushes the cold incoming water down toward the heating element. If the dip tube falls off or breaks, cold water mixes with the heated water. The incoming water never gets heated, so it flows into your pipes, which lowers the temperature of the water overall. Ember Plumbing in Perth can inspect and repair or replacethe dip tube.

Heating Element Issues

If the change to running out of hot water was sudden, then it might be a faulty heating element.

When a heating element does not work, there is a drastic drop in how long the hot water lasts. Ember Plumbing in Perth can inspect and repair or replace the element.

In Summary – Perth Plumber Advice from Ember Plumbing and Gas

Hot water systems should be serviced every 2-3 Years. At Ember, we fix your hot water system with fully equipped vans to service all major brands. When you run out of hot water too quickly, give us a call on 0477 777 301 or email us at reception@emberplumbingperth.com.au,and we will fix your hot water system right up!

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