When should I call a plumber for my hot water system?

When should I call a plumber for my hot water system?

March 9, 2021

No matter the time of year, one specific appliance in your home should never be neglected. Your hot water system makes sure you have hot showers, clean clothes, and sparkling dishes. Yet, it is very easy to take the marvel that is your hot water system for granted. At least, when it is working perfectly, and you have hot water whenever you want it.

But when you think about how much work your hot water system does every day, it makes sense that you are bound to need to call a Perth plumber sooner or later.

When should you call a Perth Plumber about Your Hot Water System?

You can remain absolutely diligent about your hot water system maintenance and still find yourself needing a professional plumber in Perth to help with repairs. When that happens, we perform the repairs professionally to ensure you a safe, efficient repair.

The first time you should call a plumber in Perth is if you wonder if you should call. If in doubt, call us. We will ask you some questions. You can explain the situation, and we will help determine if you need an on-site plumber to see to the issue. If there is something you can do to avoid us coming out, we will let you know.

But watch for these signs in your hot water system to help determine if there could be an issue:

Running Out of Hot Water: If suddenly family members start complaining about running out of hot water, there could be an issue with the burner assembly. If the burner assembly has failed a licensed gas fitter will be required to repair the issue.

Discoloured Water:  First, see if the rusty or brown coloured water comes from only the hot water taps. Also, turn on the cold taps to check the colour of the water. If discoloured water comes from both, then the problem is in the pipes or could be a problem in the mains water supply. However, if the discolouration is only in your hot water taps, then the water heater needs an inspection as this could be a sign the tank has failed.

Gurgling/Popping Noises in the Tank: This can mean various problems like an increase in the water pressure inside the water heater. Or there could be sediment/calcium forming at the bottom of your tank which can be caused by the anode breaking down, hot water systems tanks has a metal rod inside that absorbs corrosion. If the rod wears out, then corrosion quickly eats away at the tank. Corrosion is a significant reason why water heater systems needs servicing ASAP. Check out out post on how often you should service your hot water system here

Leaking: There is undoubtedly an issue with any water heating system if water pools around the base. Water should only ever drip from the pressure relief valves which is minimal and only while the hot water unit is heating or reheating. If you see water drips anywhere else, call a plumber in Perth immediately.

When you see any of these issues or have any plumbing questions, call us here in Perth on 0477 777 301. We are here for you!

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