The Risks of Flexible Hoses – Perth Plumbing Tips

The Risks of Flexible Hoses – Perth Plumbing Tips

May 23, 2020

A Flexi-hose is still one of the most preferred installations in homes across the globe. However, as you’ll find out in this post, there are a number of key factors you must consider if you have them installed at your home in Perth.

The Flexi Hose is One of the Most Common Causes of Internal Floods

A flexible water hose is a type of plumbing connection that links major appliances, toilets, and sinks in a home to the water mains. It is a highly flexible hose that is usually installed in modern housing and replaces copper pipe installations in older properties.

Many major water bursts, ruptures, and water leakages are now occurring as a direct result of the Flexi hose installation.

But why?

The relatively low cost of the product, along with a general lack of understanding of correct installation and maintenance, are all being cited as potential reasons why. Here are the most common reasons why Flexi hoses are failing.

  1. Not being installed correctly – either through overstretching or tightening or being too loose.
  2. The age of the hose – the average lifespan of a Flexi-hose is just five years.
  3. Incremental damage – due to lack of maintenance
  4. Questionable products – low-quality or not fit for purpose

A burst Flexi hose could potentially leave you at risk of having up to 1500 liters of water flooding into your home. The more open space there is in a property, the greater the potential impact.

Water Damage from Burst Flexi Hoses IS PREVENTABLE

As you can see, the main reasons behind these ‘incidents’ remain largely preventable. The key point to remember is that prevention is almost always going to be a cheaper and better option.

#1 Flexi Hose Installation

This should only ever be carried out by an accredited plumbing company that provides a workmanship or product guarantee. Although it might be tempting to try and cut a few corners to save money, the installation of a Flexi hose requires specialist knowledge. You need to make sure the length is wholly accurate because choosing the incorrect size of the hose could impact the stress that is placed upon it.

Although the product itself is robust in nature, if they put under strain when they are installed, the chances of structural failure are quite high.

#2 Flexi Hose Maintenance

Another typical failure point and something else which is highly preventable is a failure of a Flexi hose due to improper or lack of maintenance.

Proper maintenance and care start with the regular checking of your Flexi hoses throughout your property. A minor leak, rust or a kink could indicate that the time to replace your Flexi hose is approaching.

Next, you need to check around your core appliances, around toilet cisterns, and underneath any sinks for signs of leaking water. Finally, ensure that any connectors remain tight and intact.

The average lifespan of a Flexi hose is typically just five years which some insurance companies no longer pay claims for flexi hoses which are over 5 years old!

Do you know when your Flexi hoses were installed?

If you don’t, a local licensed Perth plumber will be able to help you establish the facts and give you an accurate timeframe for when your Flexi hoses were installed, and when they might need replacing.

Burst Flexi Hose – When your Not Home

The worst possible time for a burst hose to occur is when you are away from home. The quicker the main water valve can be turned off, the lower the chance of any lasting damage to your property.

If you are going away, then it’s worth thinking about turning off the main water valve during the time you are away.

However, if you have automated sprinklers or you need your water to be on for any other reasons, you might just want to consider switching off the water valves to the most common sources of damage — for instance, your sinks, dishwasher, toilets, washing machine, etc.

Tip: Clearing out your gutters might not top on the list of priorities before you go away, but this can actually help to make sure the rainwater stays outside where it belongs.

In Summary

If you bought your property more than five years ago and you haven’t replaced your Flexi hoses, then you’re probably due to get that work done soon. Preventative action today can save you money and unnecessary damage to your property. Make sure you only buy quality products with extended warranties wherever possible.

Finally, always get the installation carried out by a professional plumber. This gives you peace of mind of a quality install that should withstand the test of time, and negate the risk of having to deal with a burst Flexi hose in your home.

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