Perth Kitchen & Bathroom Renovation – FAQ’s

Perth Kitchen & Bathroom Renovation – FAQ’s

November 14, 2019

Benefits of renovating a house?

The benefits of renovating your home can vary from simply creating more space to restoring an older home. The more common reason for renovating a home would be to increase the value of your home, we all know the old saying “Kitchen and Bathrooms Sell Houses”. Taking some time to think through your reason’s for renovating your home and your goals can really help your renovation and make things clearer for the tradesman carrying out the work.

What is the cost of the average bathroom renovation in Perth?

There is alot of different elements that make up a custom household renovation, each of which can significantly impact the overall cost of getting a bathroom renovated. On average, the cost can range between $1,000-$3,000 for the plumbing works. The cost of the tiles, fixtures, fittings, bath, shower, and the actual work itself will all need to be taken into account. When the bathroom is being redesigned costs will increase if the fixtures are being moved to a new location due to costs and labour of moving the water supply and drains.

What is the cost of the average kitchen renovation in Perth?

Many different factors impact the actual cost of a new kitchen or a kitchen renovation. For some people, it could be a complete renovation, and for others, it could simply be a part-renovation where just the fixtures are being replaced. The average cost of a kitchen renovation can range between $500-$3,000 for the plumbing and gas works. In some cases, this is a lot higher, in others it could be lower. The size of the kitchen, the style of the kitchen and the individual elements of your new kitchen renovation will all need to be factored into the costs.

How long Does It take to get a renovation completed?

As you can appreciate, with any custom bathroom or kitchen renovation project, there are going to be differences that will impact the time it takes to carry out bathroom or kitchen renovation. At Ember Plumbing and Gas, we understand the impact of not being able to have full access to your bathroom or kitchen. We always try to ensure that any bathroom or kitchen renovation project is completed as quickly as possible, and in most cases the plumbing or gas will only take 2-3 days.


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