How to Maintain your Existing Hot Water System to Extend its Life – Hot Water Service Perth

How to Maintain your Existing Hot Water System to Extend its Life – Hot Water Service Perth

July 19, 2021

You can make a big difference in the life of your hot water system with some basic DIY maintenance. Checking on your system twice a year minimises the chance of catastrophic failures and emergency Perth Plumber calls.

While different hot water systems have different maintenance requirements the storage gas hot water systems, solar units and heat pump have some basic maintenance that can be done every 6 months to prolong your hot water systems lifespan.

Examine the Tank

Before touching the hot water system, visually check for some warning signs. As you inspect the hot water system itself, look around for any puddles, drips, or any signs of a leak. Also, look for rust or cracks on the tank’s outside. If you see either, call us your local Perth Plumber to complete a safety check of the water heater. It is essential to have a plumber assess these problems to see what is possible to repair or if it is time for a replacement hot water system.

With a gas hot water system also check the colour of the burner flame. It should be blue. If it appears mostly orange or yellow, the heating element burns inefficiently and needs adjustment or replacement.

The number 1 DIY maintenance tip that you can safely perform on your hot water system.

  • Pressure relief valves (every 6 months). These valves bleed off the tank’s pressure. So, if it sticks, the pressure might build up until your tank explodes. In Western Australia we have two relief valves, a hot relief valve and cold relief valve. There is usually a label, but you might need to check the water heater’s user manual or see below photo for locations of the relief valves. To check the valve, open it manually by lifting the lever until water relieves, the valve should be held open for 3-4 seconds. When lifting the lever if no water comes out the valve is ceased and a plumber will be required to attend to service the hot water system. If hot water runs out of the valves this indicates they are working normally and no further action is required.

We recommend every 3 years having a licensed plumber attend to complete a complete inspection and service. Read more on hot water system servicing here


Now is an excellent time to start doing some basic maintenance on your hot water heater. But if you find you have a problem or prefer to leave the maintenance to a professional Perth plumber, contact us today on 0477 777 301


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