10 Plumbing Tips for Your Perth Home! – Perth Plumber

10 Plumbing Tips for Your Perth Home! – Perth Plumber

October 24, 2020

Plumbing disasters happen. Houses have water running through a complex network of drains, pipes, and appliances working together to make life easier. Most plumbing elements are behind the scenes, so it is easy to forget the wear and tear on your homes plumbing over time. Here are some plumbing tips for homeowners.

1.   Clogged drains

Sooner or later, everyone deals with a clogged drain. Hair falls into the shower drain, food falls into the kitchen sink, and lint clogs laundry drains. When confronted with a clogged drain, the temptation may be to use a liquid drain cleaner. Avoid liquid drain cleaners even though it appears to be an easy fix it can cause more harm than good.

2.   Toilet Care

Only flush toilet paper and human waste. Wipes, paper towels and cotton swabs do not break down when in water which leads to the drains completely blocking. If your toilet runs, something in the cistern needs replacing. But toilet leaks can be tiny and not make noise. Check for invisible leaks with a little food colouring in the toilet tank. Check the toilet bowl after 30 minutes, and then if you see the colour, there is a leak.

3.   Water Heater Replacement and Servicing

Water heaters have an expected lifespan. Once they get to about ten years old, you should start looking at replacements. Don’t procrastinate because a water heater system holds enough water to seriously damage your home and once the tank ruptures a significant amount of water can lost before you realise the tank has split.

4.   Water Leaks

Water can leak anywhere in your home. Some leaks are obvious and in plain sight, but many small leaks happen behind walls and other hidden spots. Check for discoloration or musty smells and then around appliances and water fixtures for leaks regularly.

5.   Leaking Taps

Dripping taps waste hot water while they annoy the homeowner! Just a drop or two a minute means thousands of litres a year. Usually a tap drip is caused by one of two things: a broken tap or high water pressure which once the tap leaks the problem will only get worse and the problem is required to be repaired by a licensed Plumber.

6.   Develop a Relationship with a Local Perth Plumber

There is nothing worse than calling around to find a reliable, affordable plumber especially if it is afterhours. So, develop a relationship with a local plumber, and if you have a plumbing issue night or day, you know who to call. Add Ember Plumbing 0477 777 301 to your phone, right now. So, you can always count on us!

7.   Water Mains

The water main brings water into your home. Usually, you can find it near the front of the building. There is a shutoff valve that looks either like a lever or a wheel. Close this valve, and then it completely stops water from flowing into your house. So, for major plumbing projects, or a leak or burst pipe, shut off the water main as the first step. If you don’t know where the water meter is, call the water corporation or should be able to assist in locating the meter.

8.   Clean Those Gutters

Since gutters are not technically plumbing, they do keep water out of the house. Water pools on the roof, which compromises the structure to eventually let water in.

9.   Watch the Water Pressure

Monitor your home’s water pressure frequently if you think you have high water pressure or you have recently noticed a spike it is important to have your water pressure tested by a licensed tradesman.

10.Pressure Reducing Valves (PRV)

With high water pressure, you want to reduce it to safe levels. Install or replace your pressure reducing valve (PRV). A PRV is usually required for homes hooked up to the municipal water supply. The water comes in at over 100 psi, but your plumbing fixtures require water in the 50-60 psi range.


Homeowners need to continually keep in mind the importance of maintaining their plumbing. Most hot water systems require maintenance every 2 to 3 years. If you have not scheduled maintenance for your home’s plumbing recently, call us at Ember Plumbing. We provide system maintenance, repairs, and installations here in Perth.

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