Instant Gas Hot Water Systems Perth

Instant gas hot water systems are great, energy-efficient water heaters for any home across Perth. The continuous flow hot water unit means unlimited hot water and the small, tankless design allows for installation comfortably out of sight – like on a side wall or in a cupboard. As they don’t store any hot water, there is no heat loss from a tank and therefore can save energy and money in the long-run. View our range >>

Guaranteed Lowest Perth Price

Ember Plumbing & Gas guarantee the lowest price on all of our instantaneous gas hot water systems listed here, as well as our full range of hot water systems in Perth. You may also want to consider our range of solar systems, gas storage systems, and electric storage systems – all with the same price guarantee! We also pride ourselves on our hugely positive customer feedback to date for our Perth plumber services, so please do get in touch for free advice and a quote.

Alternatives to Instant Gas?

If you have space for it and are willing to spend a little more, our range of gas storage hot water systems can supply hot water faster and are also great in the case of a power outage because most of them have a small pilot light (using a small amount of gas), to keep hot water readily available. Read more from the Australian government about the differences between instant and storage gas water heaters. Or if access to gas is an issue, our range of electric storage hot water systems are great, very cost-effective solutions for your hot water needs.


For free advice/recommendation on which hot water system suits your property, contact an Ember expert today on 0408 462 596 or visit our contact page for more options.

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