Gas Storage Hot Water Systems Perth

Gas storage hot water systems are Perth’s most common water heaters as they are a lot more efficient then electric hot water systems. Most gas storage hot water systems have a pilot light which uses a small amount of gas, this is convenient in case of a power outage as hot water would still be readily available. Also, generally storage designs with a tank are able to pump hot water faster, depending on the model (we endeavor to give the best, most honest advice on which hot water system might suit your needs – one of the reasons why we have such positive feedback). View our range >>

Guaranteed Lowest Perth Price

We here at Ember Plumbing & Gas guarantee the lowest price on all of our gas storage hot water systems listed here, as well as our full range of Perth hot water systems. We can also offer a full range of solar systems, gas storage systems, and electric storage systems – all with the same price guarantee! While you also may want to consider our full range of Perth plumber services you can trust, we pride ourselves on the best customer service possible.

Alternatives to Gas Storage?

If space is an issue or you would like to spend a little less on your gas water heater, check out our range of instant gas hot water systems. These systems are more energy-efficient as they only heat hot water when needed, however, because of this they generally cannot provide hot water as fast. Read more from the Australian government about the differences between instant and storage gas water heaters. Or if access to gas is an issue, our range of electric storage hot water systems are great, very cost-effective solutions for your hot water needs.


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