Frequently Asked Questions for Your Existing Hot Water System

We’re here to help you about your Hot Water System

Here is your ultimate resource to answer questions about your existing hot water system. As a professional Perth Plumber, we are here to answer all your questions.

These water heater questions are frequently asked of our team of expert Perth plumbers. If you require immediate assistance with a hot water system in Perth, please call us at 0477 777 301

There’s no hot water!  What do I do now?

The first thing you need to know is if you have an electric or gas water heater. If you’re not sure, call us, and we’ll help you figure it out.

If you know whether it is gas or electric, here are some tips for where to start.

Gas Hot Water Heaters

Your pilot light on the gas water heater has probably gone out. If you relight the pilot light and it still doesn’t work, your water heater probably has a different malfunctioning part. If you can’t light your pilot, call us, and we’ll have a technician diagnose the problem.

Electric Hot Water Heaters

It’s most likely that the electrical breaker tripped, or the hot water heater’s thermostat is faulty. Check the breaker box first. If the breaker is still in place, another part of the hot water heater has failed. Call us, and we’ll have a technician diagnose the problem.

Why does the pipe on the side of the hot water heater leak?

The overflow pipe is attached to a temperature relief valve. This safety valve helps reduce excess pressure and temperature inside the hot water heater. Occasionally the pipe blows off a bit of steam, even though there is no problem with the water heater. But if the leak is frequent or continuous, you could have a problem.

Why does it take so long, and how can I get hot water faster to my tap or shower?

Usually, the time you wait is because of the plumbing in your home. The hot water has to run through the pipes from the water heater to the faucet. The water between the heater and the tap cools off when you aren’t running the water. So, the longer the pipes, the longer the wait.

You could talk to your Perth Plumber about a re-circulation pump system or an instant water heater, installed where you want the water. These small, instant heaters are easily installed in a bathroom cabinet or kitchen cupboard. Then you’ll have an almost immediate supply of hot water.

What does the Energy Factor (EF) on my water heater mean?

The energy factor measures how efficient your water heater is. This energy factor is determined as a comparison between the energy in hot water used every day and the total energy consumption every day of the water heater.

Critically, the energy factor helps you compare how efficient different water heaters are. That way, you can decide which brand or style is best for your situation. So, when it comes to the EF rating, higher is better. A higher EF means lower operating costs because of the greater energy savings. So, higher EFs are better for the planet and for your pocketbook in the longer-term. A water heater with a high EF rating tends to cost more initially, but the energy savings means they pay themselves off in the long run. They certainly pay for themselves over the life of the hot water heater.

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