Meet the Team

Dylan Nelson


Qualified Plumber/Gas Fitter

I am the Owner and Director of the business and I am passionate about diagnosing and fixing your plumbing challenges.  I can promise you that no problem will go unsolved.  I am keen to ensure that you won’t pay too much and will be 100% satisfied with the work completed.

Since founding Ember Plumbing & Gas in 2016, I have thoroughly enjoyed the everyday challenges with running a successful trade business.

Get to know Dylan

Favourite Sporting Club: West Coast Eagles (AFL)

Favourite Movie/TV Show: The Sinner (Season 1)                 

First Job: Farm hand during the seasonal harvest

Conversation Starter: Grew up on a farm in a wheatbelt town called Wagin.

Dream Travel Destination: Maldives

Favourite Part About Plumbing: Every day in the plumbing industry is rewarding being able to come to peoples aid for something as simple as fixing a leaking tap, unblocking the drains or restoring the hot water.

Pets? German Shepard named Kaiser who is 4 years old. 

Favourite Restaurant: Kitsch in Leederville

On The Weekend: Enjoy catching up with friends, fishing and relaxing when I can! 

Favourite Beer: James Squire 150 Lashes

Oliver Sexton

Qualified Plumber/Gas Fitter

Oliver has worked alongside Dylan for 6 years learning firsthand from the boss all the tricks of the trade. Ollie is Ember’s very own drain specialist and constantly delivers five-star customer service. He is well known for great communication with our customers and always delivers a high quality of workmanship.

Get to know Oliver

Favourite Sporting Club: Richmond (AFL)

Favourite Movie/TV Show: Peaky Blinders

First Job: McDonalds kitchen hand

Conversation Starter: I had booked my flights and accommodation to travel to New York in 2020

Dream Travel Destination: New York

Favourite Part About Plumbing: Knowing every day will be another opportunity to challenge myself with learning different aspects of maintenance plumbing.

Pets?:German Shepard named Rufus who is 5 years old

Favourite Restaurant: Atrium (Crown)

On The Weekend: Enjoy catching up with mates

Favourite Beer: Carlton Draught

Daniel Kalphas

Qualified Plumber/Gas Fitter

Daniel joined out team in 2021 with a wealth of knowledge after being in the plumbing industry for over 10 years. Dan’s plumbing career has been focused on domestic maintenance which there isn’t much he hasn’t seen. Daniel’s experience allow him to carry out a high quality of work at a fast pace with minimal disruption.

Get to know Dan

Favourite Sporting Club: West Coast Eagles (AFL)

Favourite Movie/TV Show: Stepbrothers and Lucifer

First Job: Cleaner – @Hopman Cup

Conversation Starter: I was born with a twin, but sadly passed at birth.

Dream Travel Destination:Germany

Favourite Part About Plumbing: The satisfaction when you know they have hot water that night or when you clear a house blockage

Pets?:Yes, Labradoodle mini named Marlie

Favourite Restaurant: Varsity

On The Weekend: Play footy, have beers with mates

Jake Hollibone

Apprentice Plumber/Gas Fitter

Jake is our enthusiastic 4th year apprentice who is yet to back down from a challenge. Jake has an outstanding work ethic, attention for detail and understands what’s required for all plumbing jobs to run smoothly!

Get to know Jake

Favourite Sporting Club: Sydney Swans

Favourite Movie/TV Show: The Shawshank Redemption

First Job: Hungry Jack’s kitchen hand

Conversation Starter: I was born in Sale, Victoria

Dream Travel Destination: Japan

Favourite Part About Plumbing: Successfully completing a job with no leaks

Pets?: 2 cats

Favourite Restaurant:Riverton Bar and Grill

On The Weekend: Catching up with mates and getting jobs done around the house